3D Widget with transparency are blurry on movement

Hello there,
I’m trying to make a 3D HUD with the 3D widget component. I want the background to be a bit transparent.
See here:

I changed the blend mode to transparent in order to do this. But when im moving around the background gets very blurry.
See here:

I tried turning off the blur effect on the camera, using images as background and using materials as background but this always happens.
Someone has an idea what I could do to get rid of this blurry effect?

Try turning off “Motion Blur” under the camera settings. Check off the box next to the “Motion Blur” value to override it (default value is 0.5) set the value to 0.0 and see if that helps.

I already tried it. It helps a little but the background is still a bit blurry and “laggy”. And I want the possibility to have motion blur.

Is this a Widget Blueprint or a HUD Class?

It is a Widget Blueprint.

Alright is there any way you can send me the blueprint you’re working with so I can attempt to replicate your scenario and see if I can’t find a solution?

To do this, just Select all of your Widget Graph and Copy it, open up notepad and paste it. Save the Text file and send it to me. I’ll replicate your widget and see what’s going on

Hey Game4Freak, did you ever manage to figure this out?

I’m currently running into this issue, and would love to find a solution!