3D widget with a Dynamic Material Instance

I’m trying to have a 3D widget with dynamic parameters on it’s Widget3DPassThrough_Translucent material.
I made a copy of that engine material and modified it to use my parameters. It works by itself.
In Blueprints when creating a dynamic material instance with the new modified material the widget reverts to the World Default Grid material (seems like its compiling but I doubt it cause it never works). Any suggestions on maybe how 3D widgets work with the Engine material? Or better yet how to properly set up a 3D widget with a dynamic material instance. Have tried other similar solutions around Answer Hub and the net with no luck.

I always found custom materials and widgets are a bit weird. For me, the fix was to add a very short delay between the initialization of the widget and the assignment of the material.

Give it a try.

Thanks for the help but a delay didn’t solve my problem. I have an Answer Hub post with more info. My temporary workaround is not good. I’m a little unsure also, what do you mean by initialization of the widget?

To provide more details; my 3D widget changes materials from the Engine’s WidgetPassthrough one to my custom one on a collision.Trying to create a Dynamic Mat Inst from my custom one (which is a copy of the engine one with a mat function added) on collision but get an error and the default World Grid mat.