3D Widget UMG UI Color Not Matching Photoshop

So I create a UMG Widget and add it to a 3D Widget but the colors are way off. How do I fix this so that it’s unlit and isn’t affected by the world space lighting? The material for the 3D Widget is called “Widget3DPassThrough_Masked”

Probably SRGB in the texture. Or, just the type of compression you are using on the texture.

I did another test. From left to right: non-SRGB 8-bit (no compression), SRGB 8-bit (UI Compression), Figma Export and all three buttons look washed out compared to design in Photoshop. Any other ideas?

It is more likely something with Photoshop then with the engine.
First, check what mode the image is in. 8bit,16,or 32.

Then you have the Color Profile. I usually set mine to Don’t Color Manage in Photoshop as I have calibrated profiles on the computer.

Usually I save images as TGA from Photoshop. If you use alpha they need to be 32bit when saving you get a prompt.

Aside from that.
IF that fails and you really think the issue is the engine,
Because of the button change the image to pallet color, save as GIF and try an import that way.

However I should note that in your sample the last button looks closer. maybe just using a different file type like TGA is enough…

It’s not photoshop - 3D Widgets are rendered in the scene and therefore receive all the same tonemapping treatment and all other post-process effects as the scene, there’s no solution to that aside from using a screen-space or regular 2D Widget.

that’s true too, but the starting tonality of the purple is way off compared to the screenshot.

Does the texture on its own match the color of photoshop when you import it and open it?
if they do, then whats stated above may be the case.
If the color doesn’t match already, then the problem was the import…