3d widget rotation issue

Hi, I’m actually working in a scene and my problem targets 3d widgets.

I’ve got a 3d widget linked to my camera, so that it faces the camera when looking around.
I used a 3d widget to avoid some issue with 2d widgets using oculus rift.

So when turning around with mouse/gamepad, the widget follows perfectly the camera. However when using the oculus rift, the rotation center of the widget seems to be different from the rotation center of the camera.
Looks like the problem is due to a difference between the rotations centers of the camera when using OR or not.

Is there a way to specify this rotation point using blueprints ? Or eventually to change the rotation center of my widget ?

mouse rotation, 0° :

mouse rotation, ~100° :

OR rotation, 0° :

OR rotation, 90° :

OR rotation, 180° :

On 4th and 5th pics, you can see that the widget look nearer and that the rotation is not centered at the same point as the camera.

Thanks for the help !

Also here is the setup of the widget in the firstpersoncharacter blueprint, if needed.


I have attempted to reproduce your issue, but have not been able to do so thus far.

Could you please show me a screenshot of how you have your widget blueprint set up?

Sure I do :

It’s a simple image centered (center anchor) on the canvas panel, and its visibility is bind to an eVis variable.

And perhaps it can help, here is my FirstPersonCharacter blueprint configuration for moves and rotation :

Yo, just pontificating here but as you are using 4.10 the camera component won’t have the Rift’s positional offset by default.
Why is this important, well as you rotate your head you will actually have some positional offset as well, which is what I believe I’m seeing in those pictures.

So how do we fix this? Well you can try and update to 4.11( which will fix this issue see my video [here][1] for more details)

Or you may be able to enable Follow HMD Rotation in the player camera manager (although I have less confidence in this solution)



thanks for your answer, i’lll check that 4.11 update (and hope all the other bp will work well too).
For now I didn’t find how to enable the HMD rotation, as soon as it’s activated by default when connecting the OR. I’ll post an answer as soon as I find something working !

Nice !
If enabling Follow GMD Rotation didn’t work, the 4.11 made it !

Thank you for the tip !

One last thing… In 4.11 my camera is halfway from initial height.
Changing the character or its camera setup doesn’t change anithing. Is that due to sit/stand parameter of the oculus ? (I’ve no tracker plugged atm).

Hello, make sure you check out my video I linked above, in the last part I go into how to fix that. Simply create a new scene component and make it the parent of the camera and move it to where you want the camera to be (I believe this may be a bug in 4.11)

Yep I checked taht, the problem i face off is that my camera is actually attached to a capsule/pawn system (firstpersoncharacter from the first person template just without the character mesh), and I can’t attach the (inherited) capsule to any scene.
Can I set up the camera outside the first person character and link them together ?

Hey, looks like this : HMD Relative Rotation Problem - XR Development - Epic Developer Community Forums solved my problem.

Turns out, I can fix this weird bug by decreasing the World To Metres value to 1 under World Settings → VR.