3D Widget Replication


I’ve got some problem with 3d widgets.
I’ve created one and set it up in a WidgetComponent in some “Objective”-Blueprint.
The widget is planned to show the state of some mission objective / capture point.

So setup is like this:

  • Objective Blueprint has some WidgetComponent
  • Widget Component holds my widget
  • The blueprint calls some SetCapturePoint method to give the CapturePoint as reference to the umg widget
  • The widget holds the reference and binds its widget data to the CapturePoint data

Now the problem. In my game I can see the widgets on the server but not on the client!

The replication of the CapturePoint data works. I’ve tried it with some PrintString nodes on server and client.

Do I have to setup something further, so that the widgets are shown everywhere?
There is no possibility to set the WidgetComponent to replicate. The CapturePoint is replicated but the WidgetComponent doesn’t seem to be replicatable.
The problem is that I’m not able to create WidgetComponents for every single client, or am I wrong?

Thanks for your help and patience.


I suppose I’ve found the solution.
The solution is to create WidgetComponents for every single “objective capture point” and for every single player.

This can be achieved by having a “View”-actor for every single capturepoint - player combination.
I create these at the moment where a character spawns (which can be different in other projects) and the owner of the widget is set to the suiting player.

Seems to work for me. :slight_smile: