3D widget depth sorting in 4.13

Can someone please confirm if 3D widgets can now have depth sorting option and no longer require a hack on the root 3D widget material to disable depth sorting?


Have not tested if you can just use an option check box.
From what I have seen Widget materials are exposed now, so you can create a second set for depth disabling.
But did notice the three types are now Material Instances with a Base Material.

So it looks like every widget can have a different material base.

I am testing some stuff later tonight. I’ll check back and let ya know the full story.

Cool stuff, @WilliamHooper, thanks

If the test works out Ill post vid tomorrow man, so far it works in PIE, and making a new folder for the Depth Disabled materials works for sorting, it does how ever have a glitch.

So to start, before anything else… if you choose like normal either masked, opaque or transparent, you will notice the material in the option box above switch accordingly.

If you redirect to a new material instance one with Depth Disabled. You will need to set to match below, it kinda messes up the auto swap feature.

even if you set it back to the normal set this auto swap is now broken on this blueprint and it will have to be manually set, material equal to setting.

Maybe 14 could have this built in, a DD set that stay in line with auto swap on choice.

but so far all in PIE looks great.