3D tour template next ?

My work has taken on the task of providing 360 tours using the Matterport camera, but the services are extremely limited.

no changes can be made to the captured room, no 3D assets inserted, no new 360s can be sent to them, nothing.

What are the chances all of this is possible in the UE ?

What clients like is the ability to share the 360 tour so it can be viewed on any device

I can easily import the dollhouse created as the .obj file, scale it, position it and teleport around in the low poly mesh generated, surprisingly, its pretty ■■■■ photorealistic, better captures would result in better dollhouses and finer details, the polys loose shape where the camera fails to capture, ie behind objects or stuff on the ceiling

and I can put a sphere attached to the camera pawn so that even the high quality 360s can be viewed, even in VR it works well.

I am trying to use line tracing and teleporting to teleport myself to other positions within a room, and then load up or change the material of the sphere around the pawn so it reflects the correct 360 image…
but what is wanted, is the ability to show changes, new assets, a new couch, a new mechanical system of pumps in a pump room etc…

I can easily import my own .fbx models and put them into the dollhouse, then generate 360 renders and photoshop the rendered area into the high quality 360 actually taken, but is there a possibility to get some help from Unreal in the form of a new template for 360 tours ?

they seem to be the rage these days.

and instead of supplying a .exe for a VR tour of 360s or low polygon dollhouses, I’d like to offer the same 360 tour as Matterport.

so users can use a mouse or keyboard to “walk” around the 360 tour

How might that work ?
I guess we’d need dedicated urls to host the tour, but can unreal be set up so that clicking on the floor, will take you to that position in the tour ?

How can we use Unreal to do all of this ?

Is anybody working on a Matterport plug in ?
Ive seen people working on point cloud imports, but what about 3d scanning plug ins?
why send 360s to places like Matterport or Cupix when it seems as if Unreal can be used itself ?

that would be awesome, capturing directly into Unreal and have it generate a dollhouse bit by bit

and with Niagara, wow, the potentials are endless when it comes to point clouds

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I am second to this. This could be a game changer! any updates from unreal team?

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Now that Matterport offers Google street view with the matterport pak, clients can upload all the 360 photos directly to Google Maps so they can be explored via a Google street view app,

so if Cesium could now also grab Matterport paks from Google earth, this 360 tour template would be very useful.

it would make developing VR or AR a breeze.

At each 360 location, a BP could easily create a 360 sphere, visible when the widget is clicked…