3D SideScroller accurate aiming


I am working on a 3D side-scroller but I cant get the aiming right.
I worked through a tutorial on youtube but the aiming achieved isnt accurate since the person is tracing from the center of the character to the mouse rather than the gun muzzle itself.

I tried to built on this tutorial but I am stuck since tracing from the muzzle makes my character go crazy if the mouse cursor is close to it. If the mouse cursor is a bit further away it works as expected. I added some screenshots to illustrate the problem. As one can see in the two last pictures once the point the character is supposed to aim at is very close to him the Find Look at rotation function is returning very strange values. In one frame the angle might be -22 and in the next +35 etc. What am I doing wrong?

You should line trace from the muzzle socket out, and use your aim offset as a float on screen position. Theres a link missing between your aim offset.

I don’t think I am understanding your reply correctly but I also should not have hid that I am LineTracing out of the Muzzle ( GetSocketLocation(Muzzle) )