3D scanners

I is possible to use a 3d scanning device like Fuel3D or Sense 3D to make content for Unreal? I would just need to know how to convert the data from Fuel3D to Unreal. I don’t like bothering people about this stuff but I can’t find any information online.

Any bit of help is much appreciated. I don’t want to spend $1,500 on a useless tool. I would also distribute my content to the community as well so this will help everyone. :slight_smile:

With the Sense 3d scanner it should be possible:

“The Sense 3D scanner software produces STL, **OBJ **and PLY files from the final scan.”
From the FAQ:

Edit: Fuel 3d is also able to export OBJ files
“The file formats we export in are all common files types that are widely used in the 3D world: STL, PLY and OBJ.”

Thanks! I’m relatively new to this so I’m sort of stumbling around this. You pointed me in the right direction!