3D Presentation Creator

3D Presentation Creator Plugin

The 3D presentations plugin can be used to turn a level into a presentation. The only necessary setup is to put the plugin in the Plugin folder, activate it inside the project and click on one of the new editor buttons to configure the level for presenting. After the initial setup, it is possible to place slides into the level and start the presentation by just pressing play*.

Product Page:
Source Code:
Compiled Plugin for UE 4.16:


*The automatic configuration may not work in every project depending on the things that happen when the level loads. Basically, what needs to be done to get into presentation mode is to set the level-gamemode to be the PresentationMode and not override it at the start of the level or “auto-possess” other pawns at the start of the level.


Put the presentation plugin folder into the Plugin folder of the project which should be configured for presenting and restart the editor:


After that it should appear inside the “Plugins” Window:


Presentation Tools

After setting up the plugin and enabling it in the Plugins menu, the editor toolbar contains new buttons for adding slides quickly or accessing the Presentation Tools Tab.


Slide Tools

When a slide is selected, the details panel contains all the necessary information to change the slide’s content and appearance. There are many slide templates to choose from and there is also an option to add new slide designs in the presentation tools tab.



After starting a presentation the camera goes from slide to slide after clicking the left mouse button, pressing the right arrow / spacebar or touching the right display-half of the device.
It’s also possible to use a complex path by enabling that option on the slide and deforming the spline that stretches between two slides. The duration of the transition can also be changed and it is possible to leave a slide after some time automatically.

Trigger Actions

Implement the Trigger Interface on an Actor and attach it to a slide. As soon as the presentation switches to that slide, the event “Trigger” is fired.

Export Presentation

The plugin is split into two modules, so it is possible to use it in the editor and in a packaged build on all the different available devices.


This will be useful :slight_smile:

Looks good!

The assets from the background image of the Fancy Presentation image, are those part of the pack, or which pack is this? Thanks.

I hope so :smiley:

That is the Epic Zen Garden from the market place - I think it’s free as well :slight_smile:

Oh wow, i didn’t knew this, thanks!

Hi, i am trying to make short presentation of my assets. I found this plugin yesterday and decided to try it. I think this is a great idea! But, I have a problem with switching to presentation mode. Could you help me? Below I’ve included a screenshot with my settings. I using FP template without any modification. d1454fdb4d1dccf52d83e12082cd77df9910a4c5.jpeg I’ve read the instructions several times, but it looks like I do something wrong anyway.
Thank you in advance.

Hi, okay yes I think the Default GameMode which is the PresentationMode is overriden in your level. Maybe it is the placed FirstPersonCharacter in the map or you have a Start Position in your level. Make sure you disable auto posessing of the First Person Character or remove it from the level.

I hope this helps - tell me if it did :smiley:

SOLVED - Yes, you are right. Spot on! I have removed both: FP and start position from level. Its working - THANK YOU!

Hello byteparrot, I finally made short presentation using your plugin. And I am glad I found it. I had one issue and I don’t know is my my fault. Example: I can see Title and Section1 on the slide - no problem, but Section2,3,4 etc. wont display on the slide. And I think that if you could consider to add ability to control distance between slide and camera for making closeup shots would be great. You can see I hided slide template for this reason and replaced with generic text. Over all its great plugin and i believe next time I will achieve some better results and even quicker thanks to this plugin. Thank you. ( this is a link to that simple presentation - )

Hi Multipankiller - cool I am glad you like it :slight_smile:

Ok so the sections 2,3,4 are only visible if the slide template actually uses these sections. For example the slide template “TwoColumns” uses the title and section 1 for the first column and section 2 for the second. To get more lines into one section you can enter more by pressing “shift” + “enter” in the text-field in the details panel to add another line.

To achieve closeups you can actually scale the individual slides with the engine’s default scaling tool, this doesn’t only scale the slide, but also the distance of the camera to the slide gets changed, but I guess exposing this option to the details panel would be a more intuive way to manage closeups - thanks for the suggestion, I will try to implement this soon.

Btw, nice modular assets you have got there :smiley:

Oh I got you, superb! I felt it is my fault, thank you for the tips, this cool plugin and thank you for the compliment.

Hi, is a chance for update to 4.17 please?

Wow, that’s cool !!! That can be used for game purpose too, for exemple to create cool credits scene, like in borderlands game :wink:
So that’s awesome ! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing it !

Updated to 4.17 - took some time but I had to make some improvements to the codebase - There are also some small changes to the UI.

I didn’t think about it when creating the plugin but yeah that is a really cool idea and should totally be possible with the plugin :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’m having trouble working out the right way to combine this awesome plugin with another awesome plugin. If anyone could offer advice on how to create a “HTML Slide” using the BLUI plugin, it would be amazing.

Plugin is now updated for Unreal Engine 4.18 - Check it out on GitHub.

Did you achieve what you wanted?

Any chance for a Mac version?

Edit:: I was being stupid - I have answered my own questions, and its quite easy to make custom slides - draggin UMG elements into the viewport can not be done because the elements already in there can not have children, but dragging them into the left Hierarchy panel will allow it.

Hi, Great plugin. I am abit stuck on how to create custom slides. Am I write that the custom slides have to be defined by the premade Title - Section 1/2/3/4 and images etc. I have set the ‘Slide Template’ = Custom, and put in the slide I have created through your editor panel but it does not seem to want to update.
Question 2 - The Custom UMG is locked - is there a way I can create my own UMG Widget and assign that to the slide and not use the panel to set the information?
Thanks again - Dave

ISlideTrigger does not run on Slide 0. Going to Slide 1 back to Slide 0 throws the event for ISlideTrigger so it does work and is hooked up. Any idea why it does not trigger on slide 0 and how to fix this? Thanks again for the awesome plugin - Dave