3D Models/textures

So I’m new to the world of 3D. I found out about Unreal Engine years ago and played with it as time progressed, though never really grasping it. I payed for a month of Unreal Engine 4 license time and enjoyed this new version. I want to get into importing my own models but I’m struggling at the texture mapping part. Does my model have to me whole in order to effectively produce a texture map? I have a fence and its made up of several parts and its not unwrapping properly. Just wondering if anyone as any insight on such things. Any help would be great. I’d love to create some scenes in this game engine.

Thanks a bunch, love you.

You will have to uv map the mesh in a 3d program :slight_smile: ->

UV mapping is annoying but trust me you want to learn it there is no other way around