3D material mask?

is there a way to mask an area using a cube/volume box and hide any meshes or polygons within that box
Ie, from a 3D room scan .obj file

perhaps with the possibility to exclude other desired meshes I wish to now place into that empty area ?

Imagine it was that easy, import scan of room, use “cloaking cubes” to hide the old couch or drapes, then replace them with new assets immune to those cloaking cubes

all of it ready for vr

Can it be this easy ?

there is a box mask node in the material graph and you can tie the parameters into a blueprint with a cube. the mask node will only produce one mask, and though you can add more masks to the material it will add to the overall cost. if you only need one cloaking cube this is the easiest option.

there may be a way to paint away an area with a render target you could look into.

there is a way using custom depth to hide that which is behind a transparent mesh, but what turns invisible would change based on viewing angle.