3D Map Navigation in VR tutorial doesn't work right with Oculus Quest 2

I set the Project Settings as instructed, I have all the Oculus plugins active, but when I try to package it, it always fails when I try to package it.

I can just choose to play it, but while I can look around at things that load up perfectly, I can not move or interact with them. Standalone game shows everything looking perfectly, VR preview has everything fuzzy, but no movement works with the controllers.

Latest version of Unreal 4.25 is what I’m using.

Has anyone got this working properly for the Oculus Quest 2?

Are there any fully functioning VR examples I can use to start with?

See this similar post regarding VR examples: Creating VR (Oculus) with walking movement, action games - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

What is the error message you get when packaging?

The main thing is that there is no way to move around with the Quest 2 controllers or the keyboard and mouse. This is an official tutorial designed to help people learn how to use VR in the Unreal Engine. 3D Map Navigation in VR - Unreal Online Learning Course - Unreal Engine So it should work right away.