3D illusion from 3D recording (2 camera) - how to manage right and left image?

Hi there!

I have an idea! I have recorded myself on greenscreen with two cameras, which gives me 3D side-to-side image after stiching it and using any 3D video player.

I’d like to use those two recordings as a video inside UE4 game, but i need to make it that way, so right eye sees right video and left eye to see only left video.
Any ideas how to attach those two video files (as texture or whatever) so i can see it in 3D? One video for left eye and one for right eye, both in same place.

Via easier words - can i make a video texture that would be seen differently from right and left eye?

I know that it wont show parallax effect by moving your head, but it MIGHT be better than just 2D video. I dont know, i have not seen anything working like this.

Best wishes!