3D 360 Video Tutorials?

Hello everyone, I am looking for information on the use of 3d 360 videos inside UE4. On some similar posts I’ve found how to set up a 3d material with a video texture, but with no information on how to use the material. Are there any step by step tutorials out there that detail how to set up the material, apply the material to a mesh that allows you to view the material properly in stereoscopic 360, and play it? If not, any help on achieving this without using C++ would be greatly appreciated.

The following tutorial will help you out with this.


While this is using a Texture there is no reason as to why you could not use a video in place of the Texture.

Hey Sam, thanks for the link. I’ve spent some time implementing the information from the tutorial and the end result, besides a couple visible seems, looks good. I’m a little confused on how to use an imported video in place of the images though. Since the Sp.PanoramicScreenshot command provides me with two images (one per each eye), does this mean I will have to import a video that provides the POV from each eye as well? [USER=“868”]Sam Deiter[/USER]