360 Video.

I know this topic has been posted to a degree but the person who found an answer went oh wait I can make money off this and ran off with answers. Though mostly what I want is simpler than what he made. I have jitbit macro recorder, and I am doing the typical pause buffer delay however the damn thing does not register mouse presses except for the done button same with open source recorders. I even input everything manually coordinates, mouse click, delay etc and it still never registers the click other than done. Changing the slider, etc. I just want to get a 10 minute plus video of the scene in 3D for a friends birthday present a simple island scene they would love. I can get pictures rather easily but I want video it is alive after all. Unless you have another route that records sound. That would be nice. I tried the video plugin thing it never saved a damn thing for me. I tried choosing the directory many different ways nothing. Though it did stutter after hitting the screenshot command and froze up as it promised but it never saved to the damn location.

It honestly should be simple considering this thing has VR support there should be a way to just have the scene play and let hte thing record in a 360 sphere since you know it can already easily take pictures. I do not get why videos would be any harder. All of it exist. You can do it if it is a game you can play it taking out he playing part and having a camera recording in 360 with sound effects should be easier than making a game. I feel like it is possible to build a blueprint to do this the more I think on it. I just have not got the knowledge for how to go about it.