360 Video Production - Which Equipment is suitable for my purpose?

Dear Community,

I would like to start work in 360 Video production and would like to know which equipment would be the best for me and what is the different between those?

I would like to produce 360 Video (incl. Drone Videos) and edit them with text, music and then watch it with a VR Headset.

360 Video Equipment - After my research I assume the best equipment for starters to work in 4K resolution or higher would be a rig with 8-10 GoPros attached. What I didnt find out so far how difficult it is to merge the videos together or if the software is doing it by it own?

360 Video Software - I came accross Video stitch which seems to me a good software to achieve my goals. But I also saw that you can do it via Adobe After Effects incl. Skybox viewer? I am a beginner in Video editing so looking for a good software which is user friendly

VR Headset - This decision seems to be easy, as we have mainly the oculus available for an affortable price. Do you recommend VR Headsets from china for around 200 Dollars? Moreover how can I play those videos on the oculus then? Which requirements I need in terms of video player on my Laptop and which minimum requirements needs my laptop to play those 360 videos in 4K smoothly?

Drone - Are drones available in the market which I can use the above mentioned camera with?

The best would be a package of Camera, Editing software, drone and Headset which are all compatible with each other.

Hoping on some answers and know-how! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

You might get some better and more informed responses at . The wizards there know a ton about good gear :slight_smile:

I’ve used AE for 360 video. It can be a pain to figure out, but it can be very fun when it clicks for you. Skybox has some good solutions for 360.
I’ve used Ricoh Theta cameras in the past for 360 video. What sort of footage are you looking to shoot? There are a lot of things to keep in mind when shooting 360 video to prevent the viewer from becoming nauseous. For example, unanticipated movement is a big vomit factor.

When it comes to headsets, you’re just looking for something to view the video with - not track the user’s head motion. Have you considered going with Gear VR or Google Cardboard? That seems like a much cheaper / more lightweight solution.

Lastly, drones bring up the issue of nausea as well. You might need to get creative with how you rig your drone. If you get a Ricoh Theta, a small drone would easily be able to support the weight.

Again, I’d ask this in the Oculus forum. This really doesn’t have anything at all to do with Unreal Engine.

Good luck, and I hope to see some of your work when you get started!

All dependent on budget and what you want to do.

Theta offers 360 quickly and cheaply but HD res so video is poor.
Kodak has a dual camera package that is 4K for better quality
6 GoPro rigs and above usually the base level for 360 video production.
Quick stitch is easy but good stitiching can be very difficult depending on the scene and action. Kolor AutoPanoVideo and VideoStitch are options. You can download trial version that watermark to test out. PTGui is another option designed more for stills (or batch of stills) and there’s Hugin which is open source (free). Video stitching software all in will be close to $1000 these days. Theta and Kodak have their own basic stitching software.

VR headset - Gear VR is probably minimum. No point in spending more than $25 on a Google Cardboard based system. (ie. plastic $200 version does not provide a better expereince)

There’s a number of tutorials online. Here’s one to check out: Releases · making360/making360 · GitHub

360fly camera, video-stitch , kolor is best for you according to your needs. Or you can visit at Best drone for the Job to overcome your needs.

Instead of looking for suitable devices, it would be better if you just consult any of the commercial video production team who can do it in a good manner and also in a good price if possible. I have given a contract to a commercial production company in Hamilton for my product ad and they are a doing it in a nice way till now. Most of the ads we did have reached a good amount of audiences.