360 Video Playing? Oculus Go

So I recorded a 360 video inside unreal, now i want to play it back on a sphere in unreal so I can make an app for a client to load and view in the oculus go. I can record the video at 7680 x 7680 and it looks really good. I then take the image sequence and turn it into a .mov in after effects then turn that into an .mp4 with media encoder. And no matter what I do, the video looks terrible with really bad quality.

Now, couple questions. Is this the best way about doing this even? Its basically just a 360 video being played in VR. Is there any other types of apps or something I can use to make its own app that just plays vr videos? So the client can send out the go, have the other person click the app and the video starts playing or something similar? Or is is best to attach this to a sphere in unreal and make the app this way?

I managed to get a 4k image attached to the sphere and displayed correctly and it looks perfect. But for some reason when I try a .mp4, it either doesn’t work or is it super blurry. Is there a size restriction in ue4 for videos/ .mp4? I also tried using my 7680 x 7680 as an image sequence, and that just didn’t load…

I am running out of ideas of things to try besides keep messing around with the .mov to .mp4 conversion setups.

Thanks for any help!

I suggest you to first try the available MP4 sample you can download here, and check if the video is playing normally on a 2D plane on the Go, then convert it to spherical image and assign that as an unlit material on a sphere, just to check if it’s playing.

I think that the issue could an encoder issue, so if you have a reference like the video above, it can help you identify what’s going on and find a solution.

We changed it up a little bit. I am trying now to play a recorded video I did in Unreal with [SUPPORT] CAMERA 360 System - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums . I have recorded with that plugin with nearly every resolution then encoded it in adobe media encoder to a bunch of different encodes. H264, H265 60FPS 30 FPS everything. And it is either super blurry with lower resolutions, or it is really choppy when the camera moves. I don’t know if its the encode, or the recording. Or what. Has anyone had any luck recording a 360 and playing it on the Oculus go so it looks good…


Facing exact same issue when exporting 360 image sequence from unreal. Then importing the same into after effects and exporting a VR .mp4 via AME . Video looks all pixelated blurry