360 video player in 4K?

Hi, been looking around for hours (learning this and that), but still can´t find out if there is an option for how to play 4K 360 video, in VR?

It´s indeed possible in Unity 5.6.x (still in beta/delta though).

At the moment I do not think it’s possible. I had formulated your own question and they answered that unreal must release anything about it yet …

I have no problems playing my samsung 360 camera footage (nearly 4k) using the media player texture on a sphere (inversed two sided).

Do you stick to use 360 Blu-ray Player?There are some intuitive user interface.Such as

Hello guys, I just touch the 360 video filed so I searched a lot for finding which is the best 360 vr player, now, I think Kolor Eyes (also called GoPro VR Player) is the best one. I saw a page that compared Kolor Eyes and GOM Player, Kolor Eyes is a totally free 360 video player for Windows, Mac, HTML5, iOS, and Android.