360 Video Playback

I have a 4096 x 4096 360 video I am playing in Unreal Engine. When playing back in preview through my Quest 2, it plays back fine, but when outputted as an apk, the video is slightly pixellated and sticks. Does anyone know where I should look to fix this problem?

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Hi there, did you find a solution to it? I got the same… tried all optimization tutorials I could find but nothing…

Wow, thanks for replying. I have not found a solution to this problem. I sent in for help and all the things they suggested did not work. I know they state the 360 video player has no affect on playback since the plugin uses the core playback system of UE but I didn’t have that problem playing back the footage aside from the plugin so still not sure why this does not work. I have a project that is on hold at the moment because I can’t seem to find an answer to this problem. Thanks for reaching out and also letting me know I am not alone with this issue.

I had emails with the support and also I see that with their plugin the quality is not so good as without their plugin, but they say its not the plugin, so not sure what to do… I have to find a solution quickly… if you know any Unreal Video experts or where to reach out please let me know… Thanks.

Sure will contact you if I find an answer and hope if you find a solution, please contact me as well. I am working on some blueprints to circumvent the player but then that basically means I wasted money on the plugin for something that should have been fixed. It honestly feels like a problem with the plugin. But I have to run some tests of my own to see if I can circumvent this to make it work.

Something I have found (and you probably already know this) their equirectangular still function works without any problems. It only happens when using their videos. I do wish their support would research this in more depth because it is a problem.

Thanks, I am working on that. Did you write to the support? I will again write them. I think its their use of the material - they integrated the unreal mediaplayer but not in a good way. I got a better solution with a 360 sphere without their plugin but also at 4k x 4k and above the steps quality issue is showing so it might be an issue in general with the quest 2 or the media player capabilities. I dont even yet have the demo project of the plugin dev working on my side to see how to ideally implement video. If you send me yours I can crosscheck with how I did it and maybe give some advise already.

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Thanks. Yes, I wrote support but they wanted me to basically do the work for them by analyzing the system and report my findings because obviously it is not their problem (pardon my sarcasm) but it was a lot of extra work for something they should be checking on themselves considering the price of the plugin.

I too got better results with the sphere but what I liked about their plugin was the interactive capabilities which I guess could be done with blueprints alone but my skill levels in desiging those kind of interactive blueprints is still on the learning curve.

I have an interactive experience where the player walks into a zone and the video plays within the zone. I am going on a month vacation in about a week and will see what I can possibly send when I return if you want to see what I did. It works fine in preview and even on the quest while connected to Unreal Engine. But when I build to an apk on the device, that is when it becomes a problem with a pixellated playback.

Try setting mobile full precision for your materials. It fixed a lot of pixellation issues on Quest 2 for me.

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Thanks IslandPlaya…will give that a try in the materials. This is in regards to the 360 movie playing back with a lower resolution. Not sure how to change that.