360 video output from Unreal Engine Matinee scene?

Is this possible? I would like to set up a nice fly though of some environments I have created and output to video that can then be played back on the rift but make it 360 style video so you can look around while the camera flys around on rails.

I made such film but I use another app for it. Just render mutlitpe cameras or few times the scene and combine it with some softwares for that purpose. But the immersion won`t be the same as with oculus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Care to share your experience? I wonder if anyone created a 360 camera for UE4 yet… that would be awesome.

Yes, this is possible with engine source modification.
If you want a series of panoramic still images for a matinee camera sequence then you have to modify the engine source to automate this process:

UGameViewportClient::ProcessScreenShots() is a good place to hook this up.

You can then output a series of equirectangular HDR panoramic images at resolutions up to 4096x2048 (sufficient for GearVR) at desired framerate. Those can then be tonemapped and turned into a movie with your favorite tools for that. I’m currently using Photoshop/ffmpeg/Handbrake.

Make sure to clean up allocated objects well, otherwise you’ll quickly add 50GB to the derived data cache with just 5s of 4096x2048@60 footage.

One more time hooray-and-thanks-Epic for source code access.

Sadly I cant show for now how to make this but it is possible without any coding - just blueprints :wink: We made 72 cameras at once!

Yea I would of thought at least now that someone or epic created a blueprint object, or some way to have a new camera called 360 that you can drag into your scene and use.

Well there is this CaptureScreenCube. But that one I can’t get into the Matinee it seems. It would be a great way to record movie with it some how.

If it was only one way to make it save each frame to disk I would be most happy.

My idea is:
Use the CaptureScreenCube in matinée and just set up some things like save to folder in different format. Then when play it records And saves the 360 scene to disk. Were we can later use it in Samsung Gear VR for example.

Create a empty player, add a SpringArmComponent and attach a camera to it. Use matinee to manipulate your player’s movement (fly bys). Since the camera is attached to the spring arm component your camera will be uneffected by the matinee’s manipulation of your player.

This won’t convert anything to videos but if you just build it for windows or whatever platform they can watch it when they run the executable.

Did you get anywhere with this…would love to be able to do this too…

s this would be the best output for a Samsung !!

You can refer to my thread to do exactly what you are asking for.

It uses 4 capture cubes and composites the result into stereo formatted Top/Bottom or SideBySide. There is also mono support, if you don’t need stereo.

Sorry to revive such an old thread guys but; I’m looking to try to use unreal engine for an autostereoscopic screen made by Alioscopy and several other brands in the future. These use multicam setups and as a 3D artist, I’m getting a bit sick of rendering 8 streams for even the simplest animations for these screens. I decided to try realtime since they aren’t super crisp (due to the lenticular overlay) and thusly a realtime engine should be fine for quality. I have barely even opened unreal engine thus far but have been a player for many years (since single player mac) and just love what can be done in the engine. I basically need a stereoscopic setup with proper parallax (6.5mm between eyes) and then to fill in the space between them with 6 more equally spaced cameras. That’s the setup the screen uses. Then of course I’ll need to get their API so I can tell Unreal engine what to spit out but I’ve heard of people doing this with other realtime engines so I’m confident it is possible. This thread has been brief but quite encouraging. Can anyone chime in and give me some advice here?

Thanks ! :smiley: