360 Stereo video (for VR) max resolution?

Hi! We’re in the process of optimizing one of our VR projects for a standalone headset, and we’re currently trying the idea to replace big parts of our scene with a 360 stereo video playing on the inside of a sphere, which is working quite nicely.
The problem we’re having is that we can’t get videos with higher resolution than 4096x4096 to play.

Is there a hard limit on this or can this be tweaked in any way? 4k just doesn’t give the crispness we need for this project.

I believe the default max imported texture resolution is 4k, getting it to 8k requires editing an ini file. No idea if that will work with a video though.

UE is not a pro video playback solution, have some issues with WMF that cause the video above 4K 60FPS to fail.

Using a sequence of images is my solution of rendering of 8K env in VR.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not looking for more than 30 fps, but I would like 8k. Maybe that doesn’t matter though?
I’m interested in what you write about using a sequence of images though, as this would actually be even easier production wise (we get each captured frame as a still image anyway).
Are you able to get the desired framerate (30 fps in our case) with this solution though?

For images, 8k is possible without any ini file editing (it didn’t use to be though), but I can’t get it to work for video files.

I’ve worked on a similar project that tried to do the same thing for Quest. As you’ve discovered it is not the best quality even at max supported res.
My solution was to spend time (quite a bit) optimizing the scenes so we could ditch the 360 video entirely.

If you mean the frame rate of game, yes, that is build for higher fps vr experience. The env sphere just like a simple object with high res textures (8K, dual 4K, or 6 x 2K), almost have no impact for performance at all.

If you go above 4k you will start to hit a limit of most (older) hardware. To go above 4k you will have to start thinking about specialized solutions like oculus did with their 5k Henry video (https://developer.oculus.com/blog/behind-the-tech-with-john-carmack-5k-immersive-video/)

Btw if the scene in your video is mostly static you can also replace that with an high-res image and use small video’s for the moving parts.

Hello members!,

It has been over two years since this conversation took place.

Can anyone tell me what are the current 360 video resolution limitations on UE5 to develop VR experiences?

I have a 5.7k camera and according to the info I have found so far I need to reduce the size of my 360 videos from 5888 x 2944 to 4096 x 2048 in order to properly play in the VR experience to be created.

I will greatly appreciate any guidance, and I will gladly provide feedback on the implementation of my solution so that I can reciprocate and contribute to this community.