360 panoramic photo in a spherical mesh like on street view

Hello everyone, is there anyone who knows how to create the sphere effect like street view? including blueprint

  • Create a sphere with inward pointing normals
  • Make a new material using your 360 photo as input texture
  • Make your material emissive
  • Apply the material to the sphere
  • Place your VR Pawn in the center of the sphere
  • Enjoy the view!

Hi Marco, in the last year I have followed many of your tutorials and documentation. I find your work excellent.

I have had experience with UE4 on oculus go -rift-rift s- and quest. Today I would like to create a virtual tour starting from a 360 video (insta 360 one x) using UE4 to add interactivity, have you found limits in the resolution of the equirectangular videos in order to run the virtual tuor on oculus go? the technique is always the same … apply texture-material of the sphere with and mediaplayer source.

Hey, i am using this technique to play a video on the inside of a sphere, the video seemed good on Vive and Rift, but when i ported it to quest the output is very blurry and pixelated, but the same video in Quest Media Player is working fine, are there are any extra settings on the quest build that i need to be aware about ?

I think is the limit of hardware for Android based HMD. I’ll try to do some tests

Hi! Does anyone know the correct size, extension and weight of the 360 panorama texture?
Thank you!