360 image spin viewer in ue4 using c++?

hi, i’m currently working in an interesting project, i had signed a nda and i can’t tell a lot about the project, but i have some doubts.

my clients has some 360 pictures for his products, he want the 360 pictures to be imported into the ue4, i know the ue4 will import the pictures as textures and the 360 effect will be lost.

at some point the company the had provided the 360 pictures told to my client this "The Unreal Engine is written in C++, so the easiest solution probably is to develop a dedicated C++ spin viewer that could be then embedded into ue4"

i know this can be done, with some specifications about how they show the pictures in 360 using javascript, but my question is:

a) it 's worth it? using a 3d engine to show a simulated 3d object made from 2d pictures ?
b) this will impact in the performance for the final project executable ?
c) if this can be done where i can start, what kind of library do i will need for this?

thanks in advance for all your help.