360 Fov Camera for immersive space

Hi there,

I have a system that consists of a cylindrical projection and I’m wondering how we can make a 360 degree camera ? I have made a lot of research about this subject but I only found how to export a 360 video but not how to play this in real time. I also tried to figure this out with a “SceneCaptureCube” but my fps drops a lot … I need this for a PhD project I am working on, for a architectural visualization. Any help would be great !


Not sure I fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but check if this helps:

This is very technical but it may help you:

Hi, Thanks for your reply, sorry I didn’t explain myself very well. I meant that I need a camera with a 360 fov through which you can visualize the game in runtime. Do you know if there is any other way beside scene capture cube captured to a cubemap render target? The reason I need this is we are building a cylindrical structure on which we will be projecting a game in real time through several projectors at once. Thanks so much for your help.

So you are looking for a way to capture in real time a 360 degrees view of a UE4 game play so you can project it onto a cylindrical screen? It is definitely possible to capture a 360 degrees movie of game play and there are many resources for that, but doing it in real time would require extra effort and a very powerful hardware as well.

Not sure how to go about it, sorry! Maybe someone else can help you.