360 camera test strange problem

I am testing 360 camera with manual way this 2 days.I set totally 6 cameras - Front, Back, Left, Right, Up and Down.I found sometime the camera can’t stitch together seamlessly.Pls see my image - I use the same parameter and disable auto exposure - But, you can see the sky color is not the same tone between the front camera top and the up camera bottom.Anybody can help to tell me why and how to solve this problem?Thx!

Looks like a vignette or exposure problem.
Did you switch the cameras to manual exposure and overwrite the vignette intensity to 0?

Yes,Nothing - no vignette, and manual exposure.

hmm…any screen space effects?

No,I disbale all. But I bielive there must be something I didn’t set correctly.

you can try set this value in camera component (will override all other settings)
VignetteIntensity = 0
LensFlareIntensity = 0
BloomIntensity = 0
FilmGrainIntensity = 0
ScreenSpaceReflectionIntensity = 0
if it still have seamline you find a plugin and try like this

I know this isn’t a “solution” to the issue you are having, but If I may make a suggestion:

This plugin worked very well when creating 360 panoramas

Yes.The same problem.

Actually for 95% scenes my way is ok.But some paticular position there is the problem occured like I showed above.

Hi.Thanks for you suggestion.

I tried, the same problem.

Actually these plugins is based on the 6 cameras.So my way is a basic manual way.