360 8k playback in Unreal Engine improvements?

I’m able to play 8k 360 videos at 100mb/s (H.265) in Quest 2 using third party apps.

I have not been successful in Unreal Engine 4.27.

I’ve only been able to play 4k 360 at 40mb/s (mono) using the Unreal Engine’s media player. I’ve been able to get better resolution with 8k photos by creating a sphere mesh in Maya and inverting normals. I then import the sphere apply the media texture to the sphere and am able to play both photos (8k) and videos (4k).

Even using this method the play back is of poor quality. Has anyone been able to produce decent 8k videop playback in Unreal Engine 4.27?

Same. Did anybody succeed since?

This article suggests you will need to use composition layers for full resolution video playback:

They are implemented in Unreal as Stereo Layers. I don’t know if Unreal supports rendering at full resolution to them though. It may require modifications to the engine.

HISPlayer supports 8K on webGL / HTML5.
We also support 8K on Windows PC but there are specific requirements on the content format (HEVC).
Let us know if it makes sense to work with WebGL or if we can help on anything.