3090 vs 3080 vs NVLink Questions

I have the cash waiting for something…


Im mainly doing an upgrade from a 2060super, that I manage easily to reduce to 1FPS when raytracing achviz scenes - in fact, I often get the dreaded “Nvidia driver has crashed and restarting” error when I really crank it up.

In making my decision for the next purchase, I really need to determine if the above crash is caused by running out of memory (currentlt 8GB) and will be significantly eliminiated by going to 24gb, or if it is another problem that basically wastes the huge investment ‘double the money’ as I dont expect the 3090 will perform significantly better than the 3080 in as far as it is nowhere near double the cuda cores or rtx capability.

Next Question. NVLink

Im not interested in games, but is there any significant benefit to this for increasing the performance of visualizations if Im making movies in UE with the offline renderer via sequencer, rather than real time? I understand the editor makes no use of NVLink. Is this still correct?

I just read that blender can use NVlink to double the memory of a dualcard setup. I might be learning Blender if this is true. Otherwise is NVLink any good for anything in UE, or even if its supported in the next engine UE5?


Bump, same questions

IIRC, SLI support in UE4 requires using NVidia’s custom source build of the engine (outdated). I think there are now somewhat-different solutions available in DX12 and Vulkan now for “mGPU” use, but that likely would also require modifications of UE4 engine source code. I give it about a 40% chance of SLI or some other mGPU solution being supported natively in UE5. Maybe more like 25% chance of having the extreme features like doubled VRAM.

Modeling programs like Blender are much more likely to support NVLink’s memory doubling capabilities.

I’ve seen “Nvidia driver has crashed and is restarting” errors that I don’t see any reason for besides very low performance, before. I bet upgrading to an RTX 2080 or better (3070, 3080, 3090, maybe the next top Radeon card if it supports DXR) will resolve those. SLI/NVLink support for non-offline-rendering applications is questionable at the moment from NVidia’s statement as passing the torch to individual developers. The only new card with NVLink is the 3090 anyway, so if you absolutely must have the best performance, you have nothing to lose if you buy a 3090 now and wait to see if NVLink SLI support is common.

Another factor here is the somewhat-confirmed unreleased 20GB VRAM 3080.

Well its all irrrelavent until NVIDIA and AMD can actually ship some cards. I had a 3090 on order from 1 minute after launch time, but it never showed up, so I cancelled it last week as 6800XT looks to be killer, but I guess that wont show either…I also ordered an XBOX for development on, but thats been delayed until April 2021 apparently…

2020 is a total ■■■■ show.