3 UV channels tutorial

Hey guys, sorry if there is a similiar post, I’ve checked a lot of them but since I’m a newbie in Unreal I couldn’t manage.

I made my first material to be tiling UV for my model.
The second UV are the lightmaps.

But, I need a 3rd Uv to break the repetition of the tiling by adding a new material handpainted.
E.g. the first UV is tiling wood and I want 3rd UV to be handpainted concrete with normal rough and etc.

Could someone point me to a tutorial about this or explain to me the process of doing it? I’m a total noob with blueprints and don’t know which blueprint to use.

This would need to be done with the material editor, not with blueprints. You can use the texture coordinate node to specify which UV channel to use for each textures. Then you’ll want to use nodes to blend the textures together, a lerp with an alpha is the most basic way to blend between 2 materials, but if the wood and concrete are just tiling textures, you don’t need a 3rd UV channel to blend them.

You can have “as many” uv channels per mesh as you want… I don’t know what 3d software you’re using to model your meshes… but the same way as you added your first and second uv channel you can add a 3rd, 4th…