2nd UV channel on beam particle


Regarding “Texture tile” and “texture distance” mentioning that the 2nd UV channel does not tile… but after some tests it seems to me this is (just like texture tile) not implemented.

Is this correct?
Will it ever be implemented?
Is there a workaround to make the end of a beam fade out?

(On a sidenode, “Taper” seems to work per beam tile, instead of the entire beam… which is odd)

Good evening Luos,

2nd UV channel (UV1) On beams will always have 0-1 range on red axis. Thus, disregarding what is length of the beam,
Its start will have 0 in UV1.r and end point- 1 in UV1.r correspondingly.

Now for the first channel, (UV0). When your Texture Tile is set to 1, it will be the same as above.
If you set Texture Tile to 2, you would probably expect UV to go 0-1 from start to mid point and again 0-1 from mid point to end. However, what you are getting is UV0.r going 0-2 from start to end.

So I think that “Does not Tile” actually means that UV channel 2 will be always mapped 0-1 for full range of beam.
You can use both UV1 and UV0 to fade out the beam near the end, just in case with UV1, it is easier.

Do any kind of math to your liking on UV1 to get the fade near the end, smoothstep for example:

You can use UV0 also, but you would need to divide UV value by number of texture tiles.

Strangely enough, constant curve taper works correctly, for the full length of the beam for me.

I’ll reply more later, but what you explained does not work for me at all.
there is no uv1 (2nd uv channel) on my beams, and taper does not work for me. beam is set to target)

Note to self, check this out tomorrow.