2D, Stuttering and ghosting


So I’ve taken the first step of exploring the Unreal Editor.
My first project is a simple sidescrolling, 2D runner. It is almost complete but I’ve noticed two major issues.

  1. Ghosting:
    Both in the editor and packaged everything leave a ghost image of itself as they scroll across the screen. I’ve tried to turn off Temporal AA in the project settings as that was the most obvious solution to the issue, but it did nothing. I’ve also tried to disable all post processing that I could find, but still the same result.
    Changing the target FPS to a fixed FPS didn’t help. So I’m a bit lost.

When playing the packaged version (Both dev and shipping) everything but the player animations stutter as it move. It’s a very consistent tick-tick-tick kind of stutter as everything moves. And it doesn’t happen when I test player it in the editor.
I checked the Event tick script for any delay or something like that which might cause and issue. But there’s nothing that should trigger.

Thanks for any help.

This is in version 4.15

After a bit of fiddling I found that Smooth Frame rate caused the stuttering. Setting it to a fix frame rate of 60 have fixed or at least lowered the stuttering significantly.

Ghostimage is still there though, and everything is a bit unfocused.