2D Sprites Problems

Hi everybody, i’m trying to make a little 2D game, but my main issue is that sprites when i start the game don’t get rendered ( or at least i think) because as soon as i start the game they become ““invisible””. I’m pretty confused now because i tried to make their parameters exactly the same as the default platform ( the one that is in the example 2d project) but they still don’t get “rendered”, despite the platform doing so. Can somebody help me please?

So i found out what’s probably the problem. In the background of these little platforms that i made there is a background image. The default material setting is traslucent. When i changed it to a random one, all the platforms were visible! With no collisions, but visible! Looking here and there i found out that this traslucent material is giving problems also in other situations. Somebody has an idea?

Ok now i solved the problem in part! So the collision problem was related to transforming the sprite into a blueprint, so now it works perfectly. I changed the background image material to opache so now all is working perfectly, but i still don’t understand: why is the traslucent one causing so much troubbles? Does it have some special property that might conflict with other objects? ( oh i forgot to say that i’m using the paper2d materials)

Translucent objects need to be set to a different z order so the system can know which one to render first. There are are two methods to sort z order in unreal. One is depth based, best suited for perspective camera and the other one is by z order. 0 is the furthest back and you add 1 as you come closer to the screen. You can find these in the settings tab under rendering.

P.s in the settings tab of a Sprite type ‘sort’ to find it and add the value there if you choose to use the second option.