2D Sprite is too bright

hello dear friends short question why is my sprite too bright?
am a beginner and have searched the internet but found nothing but something with the sgbr or something.
I would be very happy if someone can help me


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You may want to check your sprites for the material, that they are using. Usually, if you create new sprites, they get an unlit material (they will not react to lights, they act as an emissive material, glowing in the dark) as a default material.

However, you can change that to one of the other materials, that come with Paper2D. Try switching it f.e. MaskedLitSpriteMaterialEmissive. This one reacts to lightsources, and will be black, if you use no lights in your scene, but it also comes with an emissive parameter to lighten up your sprite to let it become visible, as intense, as you want.
With the emissive parameter you can make it, that they are barely visible in complete dark rooms, where no light is (f.e. with emissive set to something like 0.1 or 0.2) while they also will react to brighter lighs and lighten up more.


Thank you i will check it out.
i made the sprite color darker and it worked lol!!!

Hello! For those who are still suffering from this problem:

  1. Spawn PostProcessVolume
  2. Set Lens->Exposure->Exposure Compensation to 0.
  3. Set Color Grading->Misc->Tone Curve Amount to 0.
    Everything will become beautiful.

The thing is that by default the level has its own hidden PostProcessVolume, which looks terrible. So we override these settings by spawning our own PPV. Default PPV settings are equal to the hidden level settings.

Vignette is also enabled by default. Check the box and set the parameter to 0 if you do not need it.