2d Sprite and Particles collision

Hi. Particles fall through Sprite collision, but hit the texture itself. I need to do it opposite. Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

Hello BraOs,

Would you provide a screenshot of how you have the collision set up on your particle emitter as well as your sprite. After I have this information I will continue to investigate why the collision for the sprite is not detecting the particle.

Hello ,

Here it is.

BraOs, I believe that you have found a bug. After running several tests I was unable to get the particle emitter to recognize the 2D sprites collision.

I have entered a ticket for this issue to be looked at by our development team. The ticket number is UE-25658. I do not have an ETA for when this will be looked at or when/if it will be fixed.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue to us.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?

unfortunately not


This issue is still under investigation by our developers.

Have a great day