2d scene capture component alpha inversion issue.

Hi everyone I don’t know where else to turn maybe someone here knows the answer. I was following this tutorial last night for getting a 3d item priview system working. functionaly everthing works like it should. The issue I’m having however is when i click on the object and it renders with the alpha channel inverted on my object. So I the outer parts of the model are opaque and the model itself is transparent.

As as you can see in the first image in the material editor it renders correctly, but in the editor view the shield is transparent. I don’t know how to fix this, in the 2d capture component I see the capture source it has the first option as the alpha being inverted but I don’t know how to fix this issue, I even tried inverting the alpha channel in the texture itself in photoshop and nothing. Is this just some odd bug? Or am I missing something entirely different here? Please any help is appreciated.

Thank you