2d Scene Capture Camera Show Flag

I have attached a 2d capture render target and camera to my main character and am using it to generate a top down overview map.

Under the Lighting Features Show Flag section the options are all disabled but the camera is still capturing Screen Space Reflections, Reflection Environment even when the flags are disabled.

I am getting a “hall of mirrors” effect on the reflection water planes in the levels in the 2d Captured image but not in the level, just in the image being generated for the overview map that I am using in the UI.

The way to correct this “hall of mirrors” effect is to set the water plane reflectors to use the show only list and have nothing in the list, but this causes my water plane reflectors to have a hall of mirror effect 100% of time in the actual level.

I am wondering if anyone has a work around for this issue or if it is a bug in the 2d capture camera code.

I can provide images and reproduction steps if needed.

I found that the water material was also had the SSR flag set to on, once I disabled the reflection plane only the Material SSR showed up in the 2D capture texture which removed the hall of mirrors effect I was getting in my overview map. Might be helpful information for people that have this issue.