2D random generated map with brakable dirt and unbrakable stones for worms - possible in UE?

I have an idea for my first game that relies on worms, crawling through the dirt, fighting each other

  • It is top-down
  • Map should be randomly generated for each new game
  • worms can dig through the dirt but not through a stones

something like Liero, if you remember.

Is this possible to make in UE? :slight_smile: (Any tips on how to do it, like can Paper 2D do it?) :slight_smile:
TY in advance.

This is probably unrelated to 2D, since you are basically looking for random map generation, which would work for 2d and 3d in similar ways… at least the principle behind the scenes.
Here is one of probably many solutions for this:

This should give you a starting point. After this runs, you can decide, how to connect the results from this generator to your tilemap to procude the world. Or maybe its easier to make it in 3d and just set up the camera to a top-down view, that almost looks 2D (in perspective view, since orthogonal still have serious problems with lighting).

And if you google for random map generation, you most likely can find several more ideas about how to solve this :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the tip.
I had the 3d to 2d idea too, but i think that the engine would still consider it to be 3d therefore much more resource eating

Paper2D also just displays 3d objects, it´s just a system to make it easier for the dev to manage all those sprites (which in their simplest forms are just quad planes with textures, still 3D) and tilemaps (ranging from one plane to several, depending on your number of layers, still 3d objects ^.^ ).

That here is one example of a tilemap, i just had increased the space between it´s 3 layers to make some space for the lights.

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