2D Projectile disappears behind TileMap

When the character spawns the projectile it seems to fly behind background layer of the tilemap.

It doesn’t happen immediately, it seems to slip behind the 7+ from right background tile, but it is repeatable, I can change the distance from the tile that it slips behind and it will always go behind that tile.

  • It never pops back out until it flies outside of the 12 tile level area.
  • I can stand on the 7th tile you can see the character (who does the throwing animation) and once the projectile clears the 7th tile and flies onto the 6th it can be seen again.
  • It still collides with the ground layer if there is a ground piece in the way, but it is still hidden.

It is behaving as if the background layer is set to the foreground and I have no idea why. I have double checked the payer lists and selected and deleted the problem are (even though there is nothing visible there on the TileMap.

All of the tiles are 256px. and combined through a tilemap on layers that are anywhere from 16 - 2000 units apart (I’ve tried multiple distances)

The projectile is spawning from an arrow on the character that is aligned to the x axis.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

If I drag the TileMap to the left or right the number of tiles that hide the projectile increase.

There seems to be a vertical divider on the map that hides the projectile. If one tile hides the projectile then all of the other tiles above and below will also hide it.

Also, there are no 1/2 measures. The projectile could stick 1/2 out of the sprite, but once it crosses the threshold it is no longer visible.

Maybe it is a render culling of some sort?

This worked for me with some sprites/projectiles disappearing.

Change the default material applied to the sprite from the given TranslucentUnlitSpriteMaterial to MaskedUnlitSpriteMaterial.

I got this useful answer from this post…
Why are sprites disappearing? - Unreal Engine / Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums