2D Game Creation: Unity or Unreal Engine 4?

Hi all, I was wondering what engine I should use to make my first 2d game? I have some experience in both C++ and C#, however I am rather new to game development in general. I was hoping to get an idea of which of these two I should begin development with? What are the ups and downs of each (in 2d)?

If it helps, the game I’m making is a 2d platformer in the style of Cavestory (rpg aspects as well)

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I’d love to get some insight too. My current target are mobile games (android/ios) and i’m not very experienced in gamedev too. Currently thinking about a 2d platformer mobile game and I wonder if UE4 is the best choice as I can afford only 1 engine for now.

I havent used unity for 2d games, but take a look at this tutorial series to see how easy it is to develop a 2d game with the UE4: ?v=3GtGvNoL5UI&list=PLZlv_N0_O1gauJh60307mE_67jqK42twB :smiley: I had no experience with 2d development, but in a very short time I was able to create my own small 2d games

When I first come to U4, The first thing I did is compare the 2D aspect of Unity3D to U4.
U4 gives you much more resources as engine than Unity3D can give you, but speaking of 2D resource, in my humble opnion: Unity3D last update made 2D games more easy to develop. I can be wrong about U4 on 2D, so correct me if i’m wrong (those who have experience in both Engines, because I have in Unity).

I might say that knownledge of the tool/language is the best you will have. (Own experience with c#).

Well, what about blueprints? Is it possible to create a fully-fledged 2d game? I.E Rayman Legends, Super Meat Boy, etc (I’m mainly looking into platformers). I really don’t want to have to re-write anything in the engine code, that’s too tedious…

Simple answer: Yes.

Long answer: Of course! Let me know what you’re planning to create and I’ll point you in the right direction for learning what’s needed to get your game started!

Oh, hey I remember you! I read your books, good job on those :3 Thanks for your help, I’ll let you know when I get started

Woo I feel famous :>

Have you considered doing your 2D game in 3d but just set the camera up to look down or sideways at the world. As long as you keep the models you use simple or even use sprites you can get the benefits from 3d like parallax, shadows, lights for free that you may have to work at recreating in your 2D game.

But it depends on your target platform, if you’re going mobile then 2D would be a good option.

I’m new to Unreal (about 4 years with Unity) but my understanding is that it’s project build size can be larger than a Unity game, this might be something you want to consider.

But why not try both hunt down tutorials on making 2D games for both and give them both a whirl, but take these mini games all the way through to their target platform then compare both.

You should have a good idea what you find easier to work with and what they produce.

I was already planning on blending both :3 Thanks though :slight_smile:

my opinion -> unreal 4 is very very good for 3d game for pc and game console but in 2d game is not good
You can not create advance 2d game like bike ride easily (in unity is very easy )
More than 90 - 95 % of mobile game is free and developers use ADS or In App Purchase plugin for earn money . unreal 4 have not any system for ad or iap (ue4 just has iad for ios developer )
This is big problem for a big game engine like ue4
i have learnet ue4 for one year but in now i learn unity3d :frowning:

It would’ve been a year in March :wink:

Sorry my english is not good :frowning: i dont understand your mean
In now can i use ads system or iap ??
I asked from soomla but they say ue4 havent any sdk for In app purchase and we can support ue4 also i asked from ad network system company like adcolony or inmobi and revmob but all say we can not support ue4 because ue4 havent any sdk for …
In unity3d we can use more than 20 compny for ad network and also use more iap like soomla that is very goor for single developers like me

Note: You can integrate any advertising provider into UE4. You have access to the full source, and there are a couple of example advertising providers we ship with that would serve as a good jumping-off point in implementing a different SDK.

Michael Noland

Has anyone actually made a finished 2d game with Unreal Engine that has experience using Unity? I’d like to hear from someone who’s had experience with both what his/her viewpoints on 2d game creation with both engines are. In my opinion, Unreal Engine wins hands down when it comes to 3D and other things (source code, blueprints, shaders, etc.) but I’m really undecided with 2D game development. I’d like to try both, but recently I haven’t had much free time left on my hands to mess around with both. I’d like to start with one and stick with it. I know much of it is the developer’s preference, but there still has to be a difference in development speed. I’d like to know if UE4 is on par or greater than Unity, which has been around for quite a while, in contrast to Unreal.


Technically much of the UE Paper2D stuff is still flagged as experimental, and it’s not too hard to run up against bugs in it. But that said, it’s not stopping me from developing my prototype. I am worried about the package size of the mobile apps.

I used unity3d 3-4 years ago (when i was 13 years old ) . unity3d in 3d game is’nt good you can not create good shaders or use highpoly model and … But in ue4 you can . ue4 us very powerful than unity3d or cryengine i use cryengine , ue4 and unity3d and i can say ue4 is best game engine in 3d
Ue4 2d is not good than unity . perhaps because ue4 is new game engine . unity3d in 2d is very easy and powerful . 2d physics , joint and etc is very important i can not say ue4 in 2d physics is good
In my opinion if you want to create only 2d game ue4 and unity not good for you . in create 2d game gamesalad is best engine . more than 80% of appstore top games created with gamesalad you can create game speedly and also it is just for 2d game and it have all action that you need for create your own game
I and my friend use 3d game engine for 2d game because we want to create 2d and 3d game for mobile . sorry for my english :slight_smile:
I can not find any document for integrate ad to my game in ue4 and also iap

We (://shortbreakstudios/games.html) are finishing one game (iOS/Android) should be live in 3-4 weeks from now. Will post post mortem after the release.

hi, any guides out there for unreal engine 4 paper2d…
about using z layer?.. something like the rpgmaker series layers?..

something about depth illusion in 2d…
like overlapping 2d actors…
or in front or behind the walls…

hi there!, thanks for replying, ill check it out when i get back home :slight_smile: