2D Game Creation: Unity or Unreal Engine 4?

hi, any guides out there for unreal engine 4 paper2d…
about using z layer?.. something like the rpgmaker series layers?..

something about depth illusion in 2d…
like overlapping 2d actors…
or in front or behind the walls…

hi there!, thanks for replying, ill check it out when i get back home :slight_smile:

Cool video!
A little but off-topic, but what kind of micro do you use? (you have an incredible sound quality) :slight_smile:

Ok, thx for the info :smiley:

watching it right now… thanks a lot for this kitatus. :smiley:

~dot dot… :smiley:

My opinion : Scratch

Just kidding XD

I recommend you to use Unity for 2D games and UE4 for 3D games.

As a beginner can I start building my first game as 3d