2D Eyes Follow Up [Help Needed]

Hello, I have questions regarding Flip books and materials. So I plan to make atlas for my eyes that will have all eye expressions and animations…then applying that to my model that has just a skin texture.

So my first question is how would I indicate the different areas of the atlas…I’ve seen a tutorial of flipbooks, but that is different from the flipbook node for materials so I’m not sure how I should go about implementing this. I don’t have a strong grasp of flipbooks so I’m sorry if this is far more simple than I think it is.

my second Question is…after the result of question one…I have a working controllable set of eye states…how do I layer them properly with my existing skin texture and do I need to make them match the UV that the skin follows, or can I pin them in position with offsets of some sort

This is my model

This is it’s texture

Here is an example of an atlas frame (its is currently 2048x2048)
here is another question can the scale of the texture be made smaller than that of the skin texture without loosing quality such as down scaling to 96x96?

so I have seen a break down of the method used in twilight princess

it takes a section and uses textures to drive the state of the eye allowing the pupil to be controlled independently

it is all a bit dodgy on my end on how best to accomplish it all here is the exploded view

I feel this might be part of the answer but raises more questions I may need to ask later