2D Character Engine - Create your own customized 2D Character

2D Character Engine
“Create your own customized 2D Character”

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I am finally migrating my “Super Metroid Blueprint Project” thread here, or at least the content regarding the 2D Character Engine.

Features to expect from this project

  • Customizable 2D Character Mechanics such as -
  1. Jump, double jump, wall jump.

  2. Dash, air dash, directional dash, stomps.

  3. Navigation I.E. swim, fly, run.

  4. Actions such as melee attack, ranged attack, multi directional aiming.

  5. And much, much more!

  • Sprite environmental objects such as platforms, blocks with customizable features I.E. destructible, bouncy.
  • Game objects such as pick ups
  • Certain Flipbook placeholder animations.
  • More to come, no doubt

I am still in the very early development of this project, and will welcome your suggestions.

I don’t plan on setting a price based on the amount of content within the project, but based on how many features that I believe the user will use. With that said, I am aiming between a price of 30$-60$ :slight_smile:

With all that said, I am looking towards your feedback to assess just how much content I should add to adjust the production length of this product. More content = longer wait.

[CENTER]Here are some videos with the latest features

New Character Preview

** Tutorial 1 **

** Aiming - Short Video**

Rope Shimmy - Short Video

BP Preview (Jump)


Yeah.I wonder how (1999) could like?

Amazing! I hope you keep working on this :slight_smile:

Good work. Hope to see more of this.

Exactly what i’m looking for, i’ll will keep a eye on this.
Good work .

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’ve been pretty busy with other projects and recently the May 15 Game Jam.

So I apologize for lack of progress and my absence on this thread. But I too am very enthusiastic of this project, I have a profound love for 2D game and especially Metroidvania/Platformers.

So fear not, more content will soon come!


And here is some sweet sweet progress :smiley:

Also I’ve started streaming the development of this project. So far I’ve been streaming mostly mornings, early after-noon but that may change depending on my schedule.

Mort’s Blueprint Haven

Rope Shimmy

Just finished the Rope Shimmy mechanic which completes the Wall Interaction Blueprint. The rope shimmy works with an invisible actor that I called Ceiling Rail. This actor can be used as a ceiling or rope and comes with two blocking box collisions that adjust to the length of the actor. These two blockers prevent the player from going off of the rope. The player can jump from the rail or let go. This mechanic works in conjunction with the other wall interaction mechanics but takes priority over the Wall Slide and Wall Climb mechanics.

Run & Sprint

NEW Run & Sprint NEW


It’s hard to see from the gif I know, but it gives you an ideal. Later I will have more in depth previews of everything :slight_smile: More development progress! With that, the navigational mechanics are complete for the initial release version. I will start on the targeting/shooting mechanics next.

This is amazing!! I’m for sure keeping eyes all over this.

You and me both! The further I progress with this project, the more excited I get! I’ve spent all night and a good chunk of the day working on debugging and fixing any issues that I could find with the current system and also making it functional with all the different parts together. It is very exciting to climb over 1 wall to reach another one and wall slide to the top then latch to the ceiling!

I cannot wait to have a finalized version of this!

Things to look forward to next:

  • Targeting/shooting system - This will include a mouse targeting system. The Shooting mechanic will call upon a projectile actor
  • Sprite Flipbook Master - A unique actor controlling the character’s animation via Flipbook animation; Default sprites will be created for this process (simple stick figure such as the UnrealStickFigure2D will be used)

Aiming Preview

Aiming, with that done, shooting will be next! Video below is slightly sped up and camera is zoomed in a bit.
There is an offset setting to adjust where the straight aiming is placed vertically and also for the upward/downward aiming horizontal offset.

With this system, the user will be able to determine the aiming scheme while using Gamepad/Keyboard Controls.

  • Straight Aiming Only
  • With Up Down Aiming
  • With Angle Up Down aiming

NEW Aiming - Short Video NEW

Really awesome tutorials.

I started working on the Animation System. Am buying these 2 art packs to use as examples. These art assets won’t be in the project per say, but I will create a video and playable demo to use as an example of how to implement your art into this 2D Character Engine system.

This one has a hang animation which will be great for our rope chimmy mechanic.

And this one will be great for the dash/wall slide.

Again, these art packs won’t be in the project, but I want to show you guys that the Animation Actor works very well and will use these to build a demo and video tutorials.

NEXT: This is what we have so far in terms of Blueprints (It’s getting massive!)

  • 1 Character Blueprint
  • 6 Blueprint Structures
  • 5 Blueprint Actors as Character Mechanics + 1 Camera Shake Blueprint
  • 3 Blueprint Actors as Inputs
  • 1 Blueprint Actor as Platform Camera
  • 4 Blueprint Actors as Projectiles
  • 1 Blueprint Actor as Animation Master - WIP

MISC - BlockOut Tool Actor and Ceiling_Rail Actor.

These scripts are HUGE! Because of this, I think that creating underwater mechanics/flying mechanics will be fore a different pack.

I really love the way is growing, keep the great work .

Here’s a nice video about 2D camera in platforming games if interested:


Thanks, hard at work on the animation system currently. I will soon have a playable demo ready though!

Loved the conference. That is invaluable information! I will definitely implement a few of these camera behaviours.

NEW Mega-Character: Demo NEW

I really like what I see. Keep up the good work.

I would like to see melee combat implemented into the system.

Camera Behaviour 1

Thanks to Douglas Grillo, here is a first sample of the Camera actor which will have adjustable settings.