2D 32 bit game from 3D assets

Hi there I have recently spoken to the developers of a game called Dead Cells, and I fell in love with their art style. After talking to them it turned our that they used 3D character assets with a shading system to make the game, they used their own engine so I can’t exactly just copy their code so I was wondering if you could achieve something similar with UE4.

I know I could just make the characters in pixel art but it’s the animation is worrying about along with the dynamic particle effects. I’m happy to make things like jumping, landing and dust effects myself, however, it’s the characters that I’m worried about. also, would it be possible to make the environment from 2D pixel art but have the characters done in the previously mentioned way?

also, the dynamic shadows would be a nice touch. so if you have any ideas for that too please let me know. this is all for my college project so time is a factor.
Thanks again.

The game for reference = http://dead-cells.com/
something similar in Blender = http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/2d-pixel-art-from-3d-models-blender