2900 Unbuild objects causing great trouble.

I am creating a game visualisation of a big building. Theres alot of objects and alot of lights. i’ve probably come half way and now i realise when i tell UE4 to build it does not build - It loads and finishing building then i try to simulate it and it gives me the message that i have 2912 unbuild objects. Anyone has a clue how might solve this or if im just totaly retardet and dosent know whats going on.

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Christoffer Bjerregaard

Copy everything in your level and paste it into a new one -> now build it again. In most of the cases this will fix the problem :slight_smile:

That’s super bad. Is there room for a programmatic way to repair a level using existing level assets, or rebuild temporary data structures?

Back up your map, remove all light sources keeping the sunlight and skylight, see if it builds. It could be just the editor failing due to running out of memory.

Copying the entire scene fixes it although i lose all textures all lights etc.

I think this is the reason? Some times it tells me i need more memory… Is this fixable or do i just have to limit my scene to smaller projects?

Normally you shouldt lose any textures/lights, because you can select everything in the scene outliner -> how have you copied your stuff into a new scene? + which textures are missing?

Either upgrade your PC, reduce the lightmap size, reduce the mesh count and make sure to place a lightmass importance volume

I will be upgrade my ram so that i dont run out of memory i tried most things now and also sometimes when i have maya opened and i open eks. AE then my computer tells me that i have to close a program because it needs memory.

How much RAM do you have if I may ask?

I had 16 just upgraded to 32

I have only 12 GB RAM and never ran into any problems like this. Then again, I also never had 2900 objects in a single scene.

My scene has 7000+ unbuilt object and it build lighting without problem. 16gb of ram. That being said, it takes up to 11 hours with 2 computers to build it. So it may appears as it’s doing nothing, but it’s doing it’s job. The problem must be elsewhere! I also use quite high lightmaps. Up to 2048. If you bake alot of foliage (with high res lightmap), it could kill eat up all your memory.

so… What kind of lightmap res to you use, and do you have a lot of baked foliage? Trust me it’s not the objects count :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes unreal will put lots of temporary data (deriveddatacache) on your hard disk…I’m talking 10’s of GB. Do you have enough disk space?

Now i upgraded my RAM to 32GB i deleted all lights in the scene & i deleted all foliage, if i run the game it instandly freezes so i cannot move even the slightest bit.
Anyone have an anwser?? :frowning:

You need to find all the game and editor logs and post them here.


No not that, log files.

In \Unreal Projects\GameProject\Saved\Logs

i find it difficult to locate this folder can you give me your full location so i can find it? :slight_smile:

The problem is your uv maps, Christoffer. They’re simply not good. Did you ask unreal engine to generate them for you when you imported your meshes or you’ve done them yourself in your 3d modeling software?

-Best solution is to make them yourself (unwrap channel 2 in 3ds max with a plugin like steamroller, it’s the easiest and fastest way)
-If you prefer you can let unreal auto-generate on import them but don’t expect nice results, it’s not really working well imo.
-If you have a mesh with a couple objects with a uv channel on each objects (in max), don’t ‘‘combine meshes’’ when importing in unreal engine, it will merge all 2nd uv channels together and you’ll get the errors you are getting!

Good luck!