206.0 ADK is LIVE!!!

Ok boys and girls, here is where you need to go for the new ADK files:

ADK files

SotF Content

and you can get the new binaries from GitHub:

GitHub Binaries

Change notes:
Current patchnotes

ALL editable variables are now read/write editable in the Blueprint (graphs)

Note: For all current (and future) TC’s, you need ot make “BASE_PrimalGameData” a parent to your PrimalGameData. That is, if you want to inherit any changes made to the Base_PrimalGameData file (as in new dinos and items)

This file is located in /Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/BASE_PrimalGameData_BP

If you do not want to download the new update this way, EPIC will have the update on the launcher by Monday or Tuesday, where you can automatically update at your leisure.

For further explanation, if you already have a TC, you will just need to open your current PrimalGameData_BP (it should still be in the same place as it originally was) then at the top left of the screen, click “File”>“Reparent Blueprint”>then search for “BASE_PrimalGameData_BP”

Thanks for this.

I’ll be working on my mod all weekend. I appreciate the extra effort that people have obviously made to get this out.

Woot! Downloading now. Time to check out what I can break now hahaha.

YESSSSSSSS! I am so excited, it must be my birthday!

Thank StudioWildcard!!! They have done an amazing job dedicating time to the mod community, and it is literally unseen among the gaming community!

EDIT: See later post on how I fixed my issues

Right when I started cooking my TC… HELL YEA!!!

Woot! Thanks guys for releasing it on the weekend guys, I can finally go back to modding haha

did they tell us how to get owner yet? or open the graphs? or show anything other than tickboxs and the content were meant to get? 2nd time they said they would and haven’t?

would <3 a reply i dont wanna waste my dl if i dont have to

Edit: thanks for the reply… this is the second tournament i have been denyed content ready to go just cause they wont do what they said and refuse to open things (the graphs and construction scripts) and wont give any help… if we cannot call the (who the hell is my owner) function then we cannot introduce new items. if we cannot see how a door, keypad, bed, gate, anything really we cannot make things as simple as a climbable tree or a rope or even something as simple as a boat or water place able static for the last time im not invisible please help us make ur game for u

Hey Gankey, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. I’m not really sure why we keep getting what we aren’t asking for. I was pretty happy when they responded to adding the concept of separating the primal game data for TC’s, this gave me a little hope that they were listening, but please devs… How do you expect us to do anything when you keep tieing our hands? There is no documentation, half the graphs are locked and hidden, we can’t access half the functions needed to do basic things. I’m tired of you riding on the backs of the modding community as a PR stunt, suggesting that we can do all these great things with the kit when in fact it’s just a steaming pile of bull.

Until such a time as you have appeased this community, you really have no right to be using us as a PR ploy to get more people to buy the game. This is one modder who is ready to throw Ark in the trash because the devs have clearly shown they have very little commitment to the modding community that their game will live or die by.

I’ve taken the time to review all the posts Gankey has tried to push this point home with, and he’s not the only one. Why are these people, who actually commit their time to your subpar attempt at a game (don’t even try to argue this, your idea of a game is spending 16 hours sitting in one spot clicking narcs), getting met with ignorance and a lack of communication? People are trying to fix your failure, and you just keep failing them further. I’m personally at the point as I said, of throwing Ark in the garbage and chopping it up to another failed early access that put money in the pockets of the devs too soon.

The first time I came to the forums, I told the devs to pull their heads out of their asses. Here I am, once again, circling back to the same point. Pull. Your. Head. Out. Of. Your. ***.

Sincerely, another ignored modder.

Thats Spot on Astaelan.

I am fully behind this as far as interaction with the modding community goes.
I also agree with the jab at game balancing. Either it’s meant exclusively for tribes of 12+ people to actively cooperate on everything (which is fine, but should really be pointed out before you buy the game), or the devs have poor understanding of the word “gameplay”.

Nailed it concerning the simple stuff astaelan mentioned, we need more insight on the graphs to be able to understand / replicate / do usefull stuff
and please devs show us you care about the modding part of ark - get someone on the UE forums that talks to us!

The game is doing just fine and a lack of modding will not tear it down. Yes, modding could attracked more people, but lets be honest here. They could kill all their modding efforts right now and come back to it in 6 months to start it again from scratch and it would still be fine.

But yeah, I understand your anger, but nothing good will result in that. Stay patient or move on. Limits are fine. There are always some limits.

I did not find see this content updates.
radial menus still can not be modified…

The game is doing fine yes. But lack of modding will tear it down in the long run. People just get tied of the same stuff over and over again.
Modding is what keeps games alive for years.

And to be honest. If they kill the modding efforts now and starts working on it after a half year they will have lost a major part of the modders.
Experianced modders will move on to oher games that have much much greater support for modding that what ARK does.
And i doubt anyone would look back thinking, that was a nice game to mod for… think in gonna try out modding for it again in a year or so… simply not gonna happen for the most part.
The ADK Has a verry long way to go. i want more than just Pink dinos and X^Y other Reskins… i want to see really cool stuff beeing made. but its not possible due to all the limitations we have atm.

But the lack of communication from Wildcard is annoying and frustrating.
I mean come one… Here they announce and release a Dev Kit and all, but mostly ignore the users who wants to try and make something out of it.
Are they not taking this seriously ?
People have been strugeling with same stuff from the beginning. just an exampe get material name. crashes the **** thing.
Set owner has been requestet since god knows when… Simply ignored along many other things.

Sadly it seems like the ADK is only meant as bait to get more $ in to their pockets.

Ahh yes. That’s why DayZ and H1Z1 is doing so aweful right…no modding…almost no one is playing it anymore, right? And Rust, a game with modding capability is doing so much better, right? (hust hust). And pls, tell me more about all these games you can do modding in. And all these experienced modders. Haven’t seen many around here yet.

Well since you went honest: They could just raise a new contest and people would jump on the train again. Yes, just because of the money. And let’s imagine the ADK is more stable and powerful then. Oh yes, they came for the money, they stayed for the usability. It’s not like Unreal loses attraction each day…

I am not saying everything is great, but you can do enough stuff with this kit right now. Just be a little bit more creative…

For the record… 206.2 breaks foliage settings, this needs to be fixed asap

have u played skyrim and modifiable games that actually let modders do things or are u just speaking for the hell of it?
have u tryed to make anything that requires an owner?
have u tryed to make a ladder or something as u put it “Creative”?
u just cannot do it cause u have no graphs ect to work off
exp modders are here we just cant do anything >,<

space engineers is a giant one again

these types of modifiable games are made better by modders making things devs looking at it going thats an awesome idea want a job or buddy do u need help or can we use that ect not by not responding ignoring things and restricting ppl i asked for 1 thing since day 1 and other modders address it but noone wants to help us thats what ****** us off they have a devkit that has everything exposed they make the game off they cook that then release it as an update to ark that is what we are “Told” we have but we do not

its simple every other game actually talks and helps people if they wish to have a game and run competitions ect use there head and help or expose what is told we have or get some info out like u told us we would and will and do have but we DONOT

another 2 cents from the peanut gallery <3

So still no update on the Epic Launcher?