2021 Epic MegaJam Registration is Now Open!

Hi @SkyeEden
We hardly worked to submit our game before deadline but we couldn’t make it!
Is there any chance to have “late submit”?

Here’s our itch page: Get Out Of My Way! by Amin Montazeri
Our team would be deeply appreciated if you help this out to reach the jam!

Hi Lunchbox,

Unfortunately, we do not allow for late submissions under any circumstances to keep the event fair for everyone participating.


We have a strict policy not to accept late submissions under any circumstances. While we appreciate that this can be frustrating to individuals and teams that have worked so hard during the event, we also make the point to stress folks to make sure everyone leaves enough time before the submission deadline just in case something happens and late submissions will not be accepted.

We want to make sure we increasingly stress these points and add further value to the events themselves for future events. If you would like to provide feedback on the event, we would gladly hear you, and we hope this will not stop you from participating in future events.

Thanks for the replay @SkyeEden That’s fair enough and I understand your situation.

This Mega jam was my 9th jam I joined, so from my previous experiences (from other hosts) I thought there’s a “late submit” feature or 1\2 hours extra time at the end but I didn’t expect it this jam doesn’t have any of them at all! So I requested here to just shot one bullet in the dark! :sweat_smile:

I think having just one of those 2 features would be so appreciated in your next jams.

Hey @SkyeEden, I’ve already submitted before due date, but wondering if its ok to slightly change my asset description in the megjam submission page? Just want to add a link to my “behind the scenes” making of the game and assets youtube vlog, but dont want to be disqualified. Had a fun jam, thanks for hosting.

Wait did i miss out on this? :fearful:

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Здравствуйте. Некоторые обновляют свои темы. Обновления учитываются? Или вы как то зафиксировали файлы до их обногвлений?
Hello. Some update their themes. Are updates taken into account? Or did you somehow fix the files before they were branched?

What do you mean by themes? It is not possible to update submissions past the submission window that closed on September 2.