2021 Epic MegaJam Registration is Now Open!

The 2021 Epic MegaJam Theme has been revealed- see below!

Set your alarms and get ready to jam—the countdown to the 2021 Epic MegaJam is on! The festivities kick off with a special episode of Inside Unreal on Thursday, August 26 at 2 PM EDT, where we’ll be joined by many of this year’s generous sponsors. We’ll announce the theme live, during the show, at 3 PM EDT.

Take the opportunity to shine by creating an entirely new game from scratch in the week-long event, and enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes from Falcon Northwest, Intel, BOOM Library and more. We’ve got brand new modifiers, such as NVisionary Environments and Puppeteer, along with existing favorites that’ll give all creative disciplines a goal in mind.

Running from Thursday, August 26 through September 2, check out all the jam details, resources, rules, and prizes on the official 2021 Epic MegaJam itch.io page, and don’t forget to register!

Eager to seal those jars, but not sure what to do until the event kicks off? For the 2021 Epic MegaJam, we’ve hand-crafted a learning path around game development on Unreal Engine Learning. It consists of courses relevant to prototyping and getting started with UE4, along with essentials for packaging projects. Be sure to check it out and grab that one-of-a-kind sparkling 2021 Epic MegaJam Badge. The unique path is now available until September 16.

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Intel, NVIDIA, FalconNW, KitBash3D, Reallusion, BOOM Library, WeLoveIndies, SideFX, GameTextures.com, IGDA, Assembla, Code Respawn, MAWI, Ascent Combat Framework, and Divivor.

Be sure to take us on the journey with you by using #UnrealJam on all social platforms!

We love celebrating your hard work, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with. Good luck, and happy jamming!


I have some questions about the rules

Welcome to the community!

What questions do you have? :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone,

I started my UE journey with the last MegaJam & I am making some assets now.

So, for this MegaJam, you can use all of my assets for FREE. Here they are:

  • OpenLand - Landscape AutoMaterial with & related tools for RVT, etc.
  • OpenLand Grass - Game Ready grass system with RVT support
  • OpenLand Mesh - Procedural Mesh Modeling Toolkit inside UE
  • Fetch - HTTP client for Unreal Engine with Blueprint Support

Happy Jamming & Good Luck.


Finally, that time of the year!

Just one doubt, why there are some countries of out the Contest? i.e. Brazil.

It was the same as the last time I guess. That was due to legal issues. I don’t remember exactly why, but some countries have some very strict legal stuff related to things like this.

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I’ve noticed that the rules say: “Entrants can submit a playable product created using Unreal Engine 4 (“UE4”)…” but there’s no mention of UE5.

Does that mean we cannot use Unreal Engine 5? I was looking forward trying out some of the new features, and I think a game jam would be a good place to play around with the new engine.

Hi! I’m the pixel art Vtuber Inert and I’d like to make music for your jam game <3 I’m best at chiptunes and lofi but I’m happy to explore whatever genres you need!

Your game will get more attention because I’ll make the music live on my stream.

Here’s a couple of examples to get you familiar:



Can’t wait to work with you!


Greetings! I have questions about the rules: “Entrants can submit a playable product created using Unreal Engine 4 (“UE4”)…” . Can i used other audio engine like FMOD?

@SkyeEden Hello! I have a question:
Is it possible to form a group of people from eligible countries with other non-eligible countries or does this disqualify the entire group? How does it work?

Like Preview builds, Unreal Engine 5 Early Access is not considered production-ready. Jammers are welcome to use the UE5 Early Access builds, but do so at their own risk.

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Hey Volrizz!

Unfortunately, every team member has to be from an eligible country, as stated in the rules. If a team has participating members from countries not eligible, the team would be disqualified.

I hope this clears that up! :slight_smile:

@SkyeEden I’m a little bit confused about the end time. The itch.io page says The jam ends on Thursday, September 2 at 3PM ET. however at the top Submissions open from August 26th 2021 at 3:00 PM to September 2nd 2021 at 11:59 PM. Are those times correct or if not which one is the actual end time? Thank you!

The Jam will run for seven whole days. It will start on the 26th of August at 3 PM ET and conclude on September 2nd at 3 PM ET.

The error that was causing some confusion on the event page has been resolved. Thank you for pointing that out to us!

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There are no limitations on use of third party tools; only that you will have to list anything that was premade, which includes any plugin.

I hope this helps!

I couldn’t force myself to come up with an idea for the last jam theme. Hopefully I can get back on my usual weirdness for this one!!!

Weird is wonderful. Good luck!

Excited for another Jam! Team Alf will be there again!

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Does Unreal keep the game rights after the competition?