2020 Unreal Spring Jam | Dates: June 4-9 | Theme: What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw

2020 Unreal Spring Jam

DETAILS AND SIGN UP](2020 Unreal Spring Jam - itch.io)


Work alone or with a team (up to 5 members total) to make the most incredible project in Unreal Engine 4 based on the given theme and submit before the deadline. Submissions will be judged for unique use of the theme, gameplay, and visuals on a 1-5 point scale each.



By Team Pupper’s Delight

Farm and Seek

By Team HotDogs Studio

Aztlan Uncovered

By Team Slappy Inc.

Is this real life?
UHF Traveler

By Succubi in Hats

Tiny Award
Swift Fox

By Team Moonshine

Army Of One

By Team Skeep

**THEME: **What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw


The 2020 Unreal Spring Jam will feature three finalist teams, and three modifier categories.


Each team (including, but not limited to the finalists) can also win one of our three modifier categories.

ARMY OF ONE - for the best game developed by a solo developer

TINY AWARD - for the best game that is less than 100MB (total size of packaged playable game)

IS THIS REAL LIFE? - for the best XR game

Are you on Twitter or Instagram? Show off your work using the #ue4jam](https://twitter.com/hashtag/ue4jam?src=hash) and #UnrealJam](https://twitter.com/hashtag/unrealjam?src=hash) hashtag!

Many thanks to our amazing sponsors for providing resources and prizes!


Update: We unfortunately had to to postpone the jam. We will provide an update shortly with new dates.

this time i’m happy to postpone i have my first freelancer job to do and now i can focus only in work, and then participate of the jam with calm and more focused 100% in jam. Maybe the date to jam was too close from event, but i really want Spring Jam happen, without winter jam was a pain, always have nice games in winter jams, and beatiful nature environments in Spring jam.

I’m really excited for this game jam. I came across it on itch.io earlier this week and then it disappeared from there so I came googling. :slight_smile:

Can I subscribe to this thread and can I get notified when the date is set again?

Aim Diab
Hipster Husky Games

You guys always do such a great job with these. Really looking forward to it.

You guys are going to do another marketplace takeover, I bet.

Thanks to the guys that decided to award the big win to a solo dev for once!!!

As Megascans is a part of the Epic Games family, and are also mentioned on the itch.io page as being a resource for the Unreal Spring Jam, does that mean we are allowed to use them in our submissions without listing them as content created before the jam?

And in case if we do have to mention that we used Megascans in our final submission, do we just have to specific that Megascans were used or are we to mention each megascan that we have used?

Any pre-made content needs to be listed, whether that’s Epic’s official resources, third-party, or your own. If you downloaded a Megascans pack, you can mention that the pack was used even if you didn’t use every single asset in it. You don’t have to list the normal/AO/Diffuse texture individually unless you want to detail that you only used the diffuse but authored the other ones yourself etc.

Just to be clear, provided we disclose what pre-made assets/code we use, we are permitted to use them during development? As an example I have some community assets I’ve put out in the past, if I disclose my use of them may I include them in my jam project?

What are the requirements for the solo game, does it have to be, like only a level with a nice art, fun gameplay, not very complex. Are there some limitations, as people can sign up alone and work with more people and make something that a solo dev won’t have the time.(just want to know if it’s worth the try, or there will be big projects that would normally take much more time).

Do we have to list the use of the default animations from the third person mannequin?

Looking forward to participate in :smiley:

I don’t plan on participating in this one, sadly - I am still very much a novice and not confident enough in my skills with either Unreal or game dev just yet. I do have one question, however - while I know that the theme itself is going to be announced at the end of the stream, will that still be listed on the Jam page, or will I have to head to the livestream VOD to check for myself? I will be at work when the stream happens, but I would like to see what the theme is after it’s announced, as I might like to start planning out documentation for such a theme at the very least.

Hi you all! Looking forward for the jam today!
Good luck everyone!

The theme will also be posted on the itch.io page. Game jams are a great opportunity to learn, and it sometimes helps having a dedicated timeline. Don’t feel discouraged due to your previous experience!

Anyone need any simple 3d models for the jam? I’d like to get involved, I have some experience in 3d modeling but almost none in animation. Mostly static/manmade objects. I’d like the experience, something to do, be interesting to see what you do with what I create.

For me the first time was the best, I managed to quickly come up with an idea and grind at it. Never learned so much before in a short time. I tried 1-2 jams afterwards but the ideas I had were too hard, at least at the time, to execute on, and never really had the time to push forward properly. However, every single time I tried to make something for a jam was an effective learning experience.

If I look at the code I made for the first jam now, I’m amazed that the game even held together with all the spaghetti. I guess not knowing better is a good thing sometimes.

Hey. I missed the deadline for submission as unfortunately uploading took me a lot longer than expected. I started uploading well before deadline, but wasn’t able to finish. If there is any way to still submit for consideration, here’s my project URL: From Ice & Fire by KappaKai

Thanks and it was fun to make this game either way!

Hi! Missed the deadline. Where do all the time go! haha But it do not matter. I have done something! :smiley: :smiley:


@VictorLerp really hard on my game this my first game jam and im some what new to unreal engine i went to upload my game and i couldn’t due to it being bigger than 1 GB i saw itch had a work around i spent quite some time trying to get that to work and when if finally did my game took forever to upload i was wondering if my game could still be considered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLxJoS0vSgg