2019 Summer #ue4jam | August 8-13 | Theme: Make it count

It’s time to work on our full spectrum monitor tan, the 2019 Summer #ue4jam is about to kick off! Stock up on Vitamin D supplements, save yourself from dangerous UV rays and join us for another #ue4jam. We have exciting prizes for the winners, and sweepstakes for everyone who participates!


The Count of Schwartzburg](https:///jam/2019-summer-ue4jam/rate/468281)
By Bohrium

Pencil Heart](https:///jam/2019-summer-ue4jam/rate/468143)
By SteppeHareStudio

By Solar Production

Special Category Winners

Is this real life? - for the best XR game

Shipping Sheep VR](https://smvynt./shipping-sheep)
By SmVynt

Army of One****- for the best game developed by a solo developer

By Pseudocode

Tiny Award - for the best game that comes in under 100MB

By Nocturnal Arts

This thread is a great place to find team members, talk about the jam or post updates. You can also head over to Discord and visit #game-jams for anything related to the jam. Happy developing, and good luck!


Our “Special Categories” are for teams who create amazing games, but have something just a little different. For the 2019 Summer #UE4Jam, our Special Categories are:

  • **Is this real life? - **for the best XR game.
  • **Army of One - **for the best game developed by a solo developer.
  • **Tiny Award - **for the best game that comes in under 100MB.

Streaming your work on Twitch? Use the Unreal Engine category and let us know so we can follow along!

Are you on Twitter? Show off your work using the #ue4jam](https://twitter.com/hashtag/ue4jam?src=hash) hashtag!

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I’m not familiar with the acronym. What does XR stand for?

It’s the combination of AR / VR and other virtual solutions that interact with real life: Extended reality - Wikipedia

Just looking to clarify the G501 gaming mouse doesn’t seem to exist, at least I can’t find it on google, so I’m assuming it was meant to be a G502 gaming mouse?

Oooh, a new jam so soon - feels like the WinterJam just ended:) I’ll def try to do something small for this jam!

what is TBA? Television Broadcasters Association?

@LZDLY To Be Announced

@VictorLerp it might be a stupid question, but is applying for a special category decreases the chance for a team to be a finalist, or the finalists are selected first (without taking any special category nominations into consideration), and only then the special category winners from the remaining submissions?

Selecting a special category does not decrease the chances of becoming a finalist!

Yes you’re correct, it’s the 502. Thanks for letting us know!

@VictorLerp Are marketplace assets allowed in the jam this time around?
I’m hoping to try out some of the great free tools that Epic has been giving out the last few months :D​​​​​​​

Under the usual jam rules, you can use marketplace assets but will only gain merit toward your score based what you did/made inside the jam timeframe.

^ @ag858 is right

I do have two questions :

  • On the pdf with the rules, I read the following : “Submissions should not feature any trademarks (including logos), except the Unreal Engine logo as described by our Branding Guidelines: Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage - Unreal Engine”. Does that mean that submissions have to feature the UE logo or does it just means that if they feature one, it has to be the UE one ?

It reads as the former but I think it probably means the latter (I haven’t seen any logo (except the default icon of the generated .exe) on previous submissions but I may just have not noticed them).

  • When building a submission for PC in a jam, what is the minimal hardware that should be able to run the prototype smoothly ? I guess there is no rule, but what is commonly accepted ? Would GeForce GTX 1650+ (or Radeon RX 570+, like midrange graphics card) be a fine threshold ?

Thanks a lot for your insights and am looking forward to participate in my first jam :smiley:

@N0rgannon until sees your post & can add or acknowledge -

1st - you answered your own question here -> “if they feature one, it has to be the UE one”

as for computer reqs, last I heard Epic had Titans a while back.
They had them even before they were released !
& I’m pretty sure they’ve stayed up to date with all the technology available.
God only knows what they’re running now, lol :wink:

and having lower computer reqs means that **‘others’ **can play your game & that’s half the fun in a game jam sometimes too. so up to you!

@ayretek is correct. You’re not required to have *any *logo or branding, but if you do, it has to be one of the approved ones.

The PC’s we play the games on stays high-end throughout the year, so there are no minimum requirements for submitting and having your game judged. But, as ayretek pointed out, it’s good to aim for lower specs to be inclusive!

Duly noted, thanks a lot :smiley:

I like the Army Of One Category!

Think I am going to have to stream another full dev?https://youtube.com/watch?v=_kiB2EGAub8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5jJ09Ed0Wo

How will we know if they are truly one person!?

This is my first time participating in a game jam, but i am very excited and nervous, to be joining this year. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to offer. Good luck and Have fun. :slight_smile:

I have a question: does using quixel mega scans assets or gametextures.com (sponsors) assets… increase our points (if so how much weightage is given)? or it has a neutral effect?

And if we make 2 games during the JAM, can we submit them both? or only one will count?