2018 Summer #ue4jam - August 16-21 - THEME: WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY

Hi ! Are you allowed to use free assets from the marketplace for the summer jam?

Edit: Think you just have to use your email and “forgot password” link on the megascans site.

Following the “forgot password” link just ends up with an “account doesnt exist”

Heyo. Will the judges have multiple controllers for local co-op games?

Just posting a Screenshot. I have my basic gameplay loop down. I’m starting work on an art pass.

I’m roughing out a template mesh for my characters. This will become everything from a lady in a cocktail dress to a burly schwarzenegger-esque dude.

Welp, It’s starting to look like a human… but I fear I’m wasting way too much time on this… I think I just going to use some simpler meshes I have lying around as the base for my characters.
Give me a week and I could have it looking just perfect but I have atleast three characters I need to make and no animations yet. I think it’s time to cut some corners.

Plus There’s gonna be a LOT of character on screen at once going with the simpler mesh Is probably a better idea anyways.

Welp Main Protagonist Model Complete… Now for some zombies!!!

Now that’s what I call one attractive zombie.

Woo! My zomb-o’s are shamblin’!

Ending My night With some animating. I’m going to bed.

Unfortunately for her things are about to go from zero to hundred in a matter of seconds.

Things are getting intresting! I’m going to start working on the environment next. Shouldn’t be to much work but never know huh. Either way I’m liking where things are going so far.
I’m hoping to be able to add features such as cutscenes, Gore, more than one type of zombie all that jazz, But I’m nearing my minimal goal so WOO!

I’m having trouble getting her facial expressions to work but that can be saved for later.

Here Comes the choppa!

Hi guys I have a question. What counts as ‘pre-made’ content? Character models sure. But what about a noise texture which I often use for effects? What about the HUD blueprint examples I grabbed from the GameJamKit?

I can’t find any more detailed explanation about this and I’m a little paranoid about whether I should use certain small assets.


I’d say just to be safe anything you didn’t make yourself just make sure to note where you got it from.

Now, I just need to polish the ■■■■ out of this sucker. Spent a good long while mixing sounds. Tomorrow I’ll put on some finishing touches, for now I sleep.

Just putting some last touches before I post mine. Gonna keeping working on after. got some features I want to add.

Silly question, but first time submitter here. When filling out the page there are some fields that are not mentioned in the submitting process. IE. Visibility & Access: Should I make it Draft, Restricted, or Public? Should I set a pricing? Any other things I should look out for?


Ah Gosh Dang it I can’t Package My Game!!! Fortunately I packaged my game earlier today when I thought the deadline was the 20th. I’m upset cause I made a bunch of bug fixes on top of getting the game look beautiful if I say so myself… Bah… OH WELL IT’S A GAME JAM!

I managed to package my game after cloning the project… Good thing that worked out… NOW SLEEP!

Hi everyone. I newbie in jams. Just download my game for jam. How can i sure, that my game successfully uploaded and accepted? i dont see my game at submission feed page.
PS problem is solved.